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By Julie Choo and Graham Christison


Exclusive access to a specially created version of THE STRATEGY Book, as well as the main book. Purchased via LIBF for students of the Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking (SMIB) Course.

LIBF Special Edition -
Course Structure & Lessons

Meet you course instructors

Julie Choo

Julie has 22 years experience in strategy and planning for management boards, VCs, C-Suite executives and Functional Heads as a management consultant, enterprise business architecture lead, and lead data analyst, responsible for driving the business case, and roadmaps for the transformation of operating models to facilitate and realize growth and expansion or contraction of various vertical and horizontal services for numerous global organizations. Her projects have a combined worth or value in the 100s of billions.

She has a Bachelors in Engineering (Hons) and a Master of Commerce (International Business), having worked in multiple industry sectors including Technology, Financial Services, Auto, Public Sector and Healthcare, Energy, Education and Learning, Telecoms and more... in the US and Americas, Europe (Western and Eastern), Asia and Oceania for GE, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, UNSW, UBS, ABN AMRO, CBA, General Motors, AMP, Boeing, Alcatel Lucent, BAE Systems, Post Office Australia...
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Julie also has an entrepreneur mindset and a family background in business, that led to her first commercially profitable service as a independent provider at 22 years old when she sold a $35,000 project to design/develop/code a billing app solution for managing 6 million in receivables for a university, including the retraining and repurposing of accounting and warehousing staff.

As a resource investigator and shaper who thrives on looking at data and using data insights to help businesses and services thrive commercially, Julie was responsible from very early in her career for managing the full data set for a commercial & retail bank as well as an insurance company, providing all of the data analytics & gap analysis on products, people, security and authentication, risk management, commercial growth, as well as reporting to senior management, auditors and compliance. This has led to her continued learning of data architecture, and the practical applications of data science in AI and CX within the Business Operating Model.

Dr. Graham Christison

Graham has 30 years experience leading the design and execution of business service and operating model transformation across a range of global enterprises in the Financial Services and Oil industries.

Graham’s desire to transform technology and processes to benefit business & humanity was born through applied research work as Chief Scientist for a healthcare start-up during which time he gained his PhD. Taking this experience into financial services, he ran enterprise architecture and operating model transformation at senior levels (to MD level) for UBS, Standard Bank, HSBC and BP Finance.

He has lead multi-billion dollar value operating model transformation projects responsible for redesigning the organizational structure of 100,000+ staffed global businesses across all levels and layers. He has driven external and internal services redesign and operational capabilities development across multiple geographies, including the creation of Centers of Excellence. Graham has also setup several Enterprise and Business Architecture practices. 
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Having lived and worked in different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, he has an intimate understanding of the challenges of business change for global teams and local cultures and the environment. All of this has led to a deep understanding of people and processes in terms of specific skills and capabilities required and the role of technology to serve different purposes and deliver strategic objectives in the digital age.
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